About Mischenko

I created this blog to talk about the books that I read, music that I listen to, health matters, movies, and other things that interest me. I love doing Q&A’s with authors, learning about others, and interacting with authors and readers!

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I use the word “rant” for anything that I want to talk about, especially things that I feel passionate about.

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   About Me:

I’ve loved reading as far back as I can remember. I used to love attending book sales in grade school and would get so excited when it was time for book fairs. I still have an addiction to book sales and can’t pass one up.

I also enjoy playing guitar and piano, writing poetry and songs, and watching movies and TV shows on Netflix and Amazon. I have an appreciation for nature, gardening, homesteading, learning, education, and animals.

I enjoy reading and reviewing on Goodreads, Edelweiss, and Netgalley as well.

You can find me here or at:



Library Thing

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How I rate books:

2000px-Red_star.svg.png I may not have finished it–and if I did–it was a total chore to read. I won’t recommend it!

2000px-Red_star.svg.png2000px-Red_star.svg.png I didn’t enjoy the book, but probably finished it because it’s readable.

2000px-Red_star.svg.png2000px-Red_star.svg.png2000px-Red_star.svg.png It’s just okay/ I may have enjoyed it a little bit. I won’t read it again, but I might recommend to others.

2000px-Red_star.svg.png2000px-Red_star.svg.png2000px-Red_star.svg.png2000px-Red_star.svg.png The book is an enjoyable read that kept my interest. There might have been a few minor things I didn’t like, but overall it was great.

2000px-Red_star.svg.png2000px-Red_star.svg.png2000px-Red_star.svg.png2000px-Red_star.svg.png2000px-Red_star.svg.png I I loved it and I’ll probably buy it for my collection. I’ll recommend it to everyone.

Some of my books…





One book collection I recently finished:


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A few favorite quotes:





I’m not currently taking reading requests until I’m able to get caught up with my ARC’s and other reads. If you’d like to contact me you can reach out to me by clicking contact above via email. Thank you and happy reading! ❤

23 thoughts on “About Mischenko

  1. Hi Mischenko, I love the way you have created your blog; it is beautiful. Also, thank you for following me and I am now following you. It is a shame that I have not seen your blog before. I am thrilled I have now. Karen 🙂


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