Music Monday: Metallica “To Live Is To Die” [Artwork] + Metallica – The Stories Behind the Biggest Songs by Chris Ingham and To Live Is To Die by Joel Mclver

-Music Monday-

This meme was created by Drew @ The Tattooed Book Geek. You pick a song that you really like and share it on Monday!


Today’s share is a song by Metallica. This is one of my favorite Metallica instrumentals and gives me a chance to talk about two of my favorite bassists of all time. It’s one that Jason Newsted (former bassist) performed in, and the last Metallica song that Cliff Burton (bassist of Metallica before Newsted) was credited for. Cliff died on my 9th birthday. That day, he was in a tragic bus accident and perished at the young age of 24.

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Favorite Wordless Picture Books

It’s no secret that I LOVE wordless picture books. Here are some reasons why…

  1. They can promote more discussion than books with words do.
  2. For early readers, it allows them to read books on their own while retelling the story and developing new vocabulary.
  3. They help children with story structure and comprehension.
  4. They can inspire children and help develop writing skills when they write the story out on paper as to how they interpreted it.

There are so many wonderful reasons to read wordless picture books. Sometimes it’s nice to just relax and visually appreciate these books. It can give early readers a break from reading words as well.

This post highlights some of my favorite picture books I’ve read recently. You can see them below along with my reviews…

23309640.jpgFloat by Daniel Miyares is a wordless picture book about a boy and his paper boat. It’s a rainy gloomy day and he decides to head out to play in the water with his paper boat. Follow along in the story to see how his day with his paper boat unfolds.

The illustrations are dark and rich throughout most of the book. One thing I love about picture books is how they make you think and then you want to restart the book all over again. This book reminded me of how much I loved rainy days as a kid. We were pleased with the ending.


Our absolute favorite parts in the book were the inside covers that included instructions for making a paper airplane and a paper boat. 4 stars


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Jean-Michel Basquiat – Radiant Child



Radiant child by Javaka Steptoe, a book about artist Jean-Michel Basquiat, was awarded the Caldecott Medal as the most distinguished picture book for children earlier this year.

The book takes you through Jean-Michel’s childhood and all of his inspiration and ideas about how he wants to be an artist. He’s influenced by books, art museums and at times his mother.

We thoroughly enjoyed the story which becomes emotional at times. The illustrations were very well put together and keep the reader interested. I especially enjoyed the back biography page which has many more facts about him.

This book is the 2017 Caldecott Medal winner.



For teens and young adults, there’s a documentary called “Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child”, which is extremely revealing and explains much more about his life. It’s excellent and worth watching for those who want to learn more about him. The documentary was directed by Tamra Davis, a friend of Jean-Michel. It’s loaded with insider interviews including Jean-Michel and gives the viewer scads of pictures of him, video of Jean-Michel working, and his art. There are also interviews with people who interacted with Jean-Michel during his career. The documentary features interviews with Julian Schnabel, Larry Gagosian, Bruno Bischofberger, Tony Shafrazi. Fab 5 Freddy, Glenn O’Brien, Maripol, Kai Eric, Nicholas Taylor, Fred Hoffman, Michael Holman, Diego Cortez, Annina Nosei, Suzanne Mallouk, and Rene Ricard, among many more. It also includes an uncut interview with the filmmaker Tamra Davis.

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