Journal #1: Seize the Moment #Journal #LifeLessons

Yesterday I had a doctor’s appt. with my endocrinologist. It was a little bit stressful for me because of this strange stomach bug I was hassling with, which had been affecting my sleep. Not only that, I had to take my five-year-old who was high-energy the entire time.

20190727_053705Because my doctor was way behind schedule, I ended up sitting in the lobby for nearly an hour. There was also a lady who came in late and was taken in before me, so I was flat-out irritated. I sat and kept quiet until it was nearly an hour waiting, finally ready to burst.

The entire time I was sitting in the waiting area there was an older woman sitting next to me. After all this time had gone by, she turned to me and asked how old my daughter was, and stated  that she wished she had her energy. I laughed and told her that I’d love to have her energy as well. Our chat took off and I felt this instant connection between us. She started going on and on like we’d been friends forever and she could tell me anything. She talked about her husband who passed away a few years ago, then she mentioned her health tribulations with the same thyroid condition that I have. She’d been through the wringer after being overmedicated–hospitalized three times–in addition to experiencing a heart attack recently. It was in the middle of our conversation that I thought to myself: I hope the nurse comes out and calls someone else’s name; I want to remain talking to this woman for as long as I can. This conversation was important and meaningful! Getting into the doctor wasn’t important anymore. It was like time stopped: a total 180 from how I’d felt just minutes ago waiting for my doctor to call me in.

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