Emblems on Book Covers: Good or Bad? #BookCovers #Opinions

I’m a person who feels that book covers are important. It’s the first thing you see, and more often than not, it pulls me in to check out the book. Many people say that covers don’t matter, but book covers make a big impression on me and engage me. Not only that, covers are art, and artists put time into creating aesthetics that have the power to bring a book to life. They fuss over title placement, graphics, and colors—everything that will make their cover a perfect fit and unique to their book.

This brings to mind something that’s been bugging me lately, and that’s the addition of an emblem on certain YA books: Reese’s YA Book Club. What is it that irritates me so much about these emblems?

  • They’re permanent: you can’t remove them because they’ve been printed on the cover.
  • They’re a huge eyesore and ruin the beautiful art of the cover.
  • Because these are getting printed on a large number of books, it takes away from the uniqueness of the book art.
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Writing reviews: I’m changing my review…again! #BookReviews #Memoirs

On Saturday morning I was enjoying some time on YouTube and came across a video of an author speaking about his recent memoir. One of the topics that came up was how much of his own writing actually went into the memoir. He proceeded to talk about what a struggle this memoir was to write because he’s never been a writer and didn’t have any interest in being one. He’d basically forced himself to write and didn’t feel very good about it. The whole deal made him feel overwhelmed, and what was promised didn’t really come through for him. It turned out to be a negative experience overall.

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Vaccine shamer!

We’ve heard about people getting shamed for jumping lines and cheating to get their vaccine, but what about shaming someone for not getting it?

Last month a good friend of our family sent me a text letting me know he had an appointment to get his first vaccine. I’d been working on convincing him to get the vaccine for a few months as he was eligible first because he’s a paramedic/firefighter alongside my husband. His daughter is like another child to me, and since this pandemic has started it’s been difficult getting the kids together because we have a handful of people in my family with underlying health conditions, including a daughter living with a heart condition. So, I was very happy that he’d decided to get the vaccine because this would be one step closer to us getting together comfortably again.

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