May Wrap-up 2021 #Books #BookReviews #MayWrapUp #Music

Seriously, I can’t believe it’s June already! May went so fast for me. It wasn’t a super productive month as far as reading due to all the outdoor work and planting that needed to be done. We also had a wonderful reunion with a good friend of the family and his little daughter. We hadn’t seen them in over a year due to the pandemic. The kids were like in another world. I’ve also spent a little more time streaming and watching true crime videos on YouTube. That can take up a considerable amount of time if you let it.

So, now that all of our planting is complete, I’m hopeful I’ll be able to get more reads in for June. I’ve also decided to slow down on my NetGalley reads because I’ve requested too many at once. Reading a handful of books with late publication dates always slows down posts for the blog because I just went back to requesting ARCs a few months ago. I’d like to keep my ARCs manageable so I don’t have too many deadlines. It stresses me out to have too many waiting, and right now I have five NG reads on my list.

So, let’s see how May turned out!

In May I only reviewed 4 books; one was for Shabby Sunday, but I did have a few other reviews on Goodreads for books that will post this week. I’ll include those for June, which will likely be a much more productive month.

Fortunately, The Milk by Neil Gaiman

Among The Beasts & Briars by Ashley Poston

Red Rover by Christopher Krovatin

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Late March/April Wrap-Up #Books #BookReviews #Music #ReadingChallenge

It’s hard to believe we’re coming into May! This month flew for me. Now that the weather is warming up and all the snow is gone, it’s been a pleasure to spend more time outside in nature. I’m feeling very positive about the upcoming growing season too.

I returned to blogging the second half of March. Because I missed that wrap-up, I’m going to combine everything I’ve posted since coming back. I’ve had a few good months and feel really good about being back here in the blogging community again, especially now that I’ve figured out the block editor. 🙂

Regular Book Reviews from March-April:

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Writing reviews: I’m changing my review…again! #BookReviews #Memoirs

On Saturday morning I was enjoying some time on YouTube and came across a video of an author speaking about his recent memoir. One of the topics that came up was how much of his own writing actually went into the memoir. He proceeded to talk about what a struggle this memoir was to write because he’s never been a writer and didn’t have any interest in being one. He’d basically forced himself to write and didn’t feel very good about it. The whole deal made him feel overwhelmed, and what was promised didn’t really come through for him. It turned out to be a negative experience overall.

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Negative review? Keep it to yourself…


  Recently I received a review request from an author. Unlike most requests that I’ve received in the past, this author didn’t even offer me a copy of the book—not even an eCopy. This is the first thing that perturbed me. Not to be rude, but there are so many books on my purchase list right now, and I’m not willing to take a chance spending money on a book by a new author I know nothing about. For me personally, if I were to ask someone to read my book, I’d at least ask them if they’d like an eCopy for review.

The second statement (to me) was even worse:

  If you don’t like the book, I ask that you please refrain from reviewing it.

  Really? So I’m supposed to buy your book and either lie on my review, or just not review it at all? How does this even seem right? I just spent hours reading your book, but the world revolves around your reputation and my thoughts, time, and money simply doesn’t matter?

  I’m a person who rates books mostly 2 to 5-stars and practically never 1-star. I’m not a book-basher which is clearly stated on my profile. My reviews may be far from perfect, but shouldn’t I be able to share my honest opinion of your book? After all, doesn’t every author receive a portion of negative reviews? How common is it to find a book that’s good for everyone?

Have some pride in your work. If you’re worried about people not liking it, maybe reconsider publishing it? Maybe also consider the fact that a negative review might help you meet the needs of your readers.

I’m really sorry if you’re an author or reviewer and you find this offensive, but this is just total BS to me. This isn’t the first time it’s happened to me, and I know others have discussed this happening to them too, but it’s messages like this one that have totally turned me off to accepting author’s review requests anymore.

Feel free to share your honest thoughts.