Covid-19 and Road Rage…

I have two things on my mind this morning: Covid-19 and road rage. 

Recently I watched a movie titled Unhinged with Russell Crowe. He’s always been one of my favorite actors, but this movie was quite different, and his character was surprising. In a nutshell, he goes psycho on a woman who blares her horn at him at a green light. Needless to say, the encounter turns into the worst day this woman has ever had, and all because she exhibited a little road rage by blasting her horn on the man to reiterate that she didn’t agree with him stopping at a green light. It’s extreme and horrifying.

This leads into yesterday morning, which was a bit of a mess for me. The night prior, my daughter who just turned 11 came to me with a splitting headache in the middle of the night. I knew something was wrong because she had just taken a Tylenol in the evening for a headache. By midnight the headache came back with a vengeance—only this time with a high fever. By morning she was vomiting heavily and had horrible joint pain throughout. The very thing I’ve worked hard to avoid for over a year had made its way into my home: Covid-19.

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Book Review: Live Your Life: My Story of Loving and Losing Nick Cordero by Amanda and Anna Kloots

Live Your Life: My Story of Loving and Losing Nick Cordero by Amanda and Anna Kloots


Amanda Kloots bravely reflects on love, loss, and life with her husband, Broadway star and Tony-nominee Nick Cordero, whose public battle with Covid-19 and tragic death made headlines around the world.

In the early spring of 2020, Broadway star and Tony Award nominee Nick Cordero was hospitalized for what he and his wife, Amanda Kloots, believed was a severe case of pneumonia. Entering Cedars-Sinai, there was no indication that Nick—a young man in the prime of life with no pre-existing conditions—would never return home. Diagnosed with Covid-19, this rising star—who only a few days earlier was the picture of health—soon deteriorated. Suffering a series of complications – minor heart attacks, an amputation, sepsis—he was kept alive for weeks, hooked to a ventilator, bypass machines, dialysis, and a specialized heart-lung bypass machine.

 Staying strong for Nick and their infant son, Elvis, Amanda shared their journey on social media, documenting Nick’s condition and the risks of Covid-19 for all ages. Her updates quickly made an impact, inspiring millions of followers around the globe who offered positive thoughts and virtual prayers, and danced each day to Nick’s hit song Live Your Life. When Nick passed away after 94 grueling days in the ICU, the world grieved for Amanda and her family’s devastating loss.

Live Your Life is her and Nick’s story: of their love and fairy-tale marriage, of the disease that quickly upended it, of the fight for Nick’s survival—those sudden tragic months that permanently changed her world and ours—of her grief and how she came to terms with his death, of keeping Nick’s memory alive for Elvis and the world. Offering courage and inspiration to anyone coping with overwhelming loss and written with her sister Anna Kloots who was with her every step of this journey, Amanda’s story is a thoughtful and poignant reflection on love, hope, motherhood, and the power of community in times of hardship. In sharing her experience, she shows us that, through positivity and community, even the most impossible circumstances can be endured. 

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Music Monday: Steve Winwood “Back in the High Life Again” #MusicMonday #SteveWinwood #Music #BackInTheHighLifeAgain #PostPandemic

Music Monday


This meme was created by Drew @ The Tattooed Book Geek. You pick a song that you really like and share it on Monday.

Last time I shared Lauren Daigle’s “Hold on to Me”

This week’s share:

Steve Winwood

“Back in the High Life Again”

It seems safe to say that we are entering the post-pandemic phase of Covid-19. I’ve been thinking about how liberated I feel now being fully vaxxed up myself. Two more of my kids will get theirs this week, and finally, I’m seeing the light.

I was driving to pick up flowers last week and this song came on the radio. To me, this is the quintessential post-pandemic song because it sums up exactly this new phase we’re entering. Doors will open, people will have joy in their faces again, and we’ll be back in the high life again. Hope you enjoy it.

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Vaccine shamer!

We’ve heard about people getting shamed for jumping lines and cheating to get their vaccine, but what about shaming someone for not getting it?

Last month a good friend of our family sent me a text letting me know he had an appointment to get his first vaccine. I’d been working on convincing him to get the vaccine for a few months as he was eligible first because he’s a paramedic/firefighter alongside my husband. His daughter is like another child to me, and since this pandemic has started it’s been difficult getting the kids together because we have a handful of people in my family with underlying health conditions, including a daughter living with a heart condition. So, I was very happy that he’d decided to get the vaccine because this would be one step closer to us getting together comfortably again.

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