Book Review: Day Zero (Day Zero Duology #1) by Kelly DeVos #BookReview #DayZero #YoungAdult

Day Zero (Day Zero Duology #1)

by Kelly DeVos

My review:

This book turned out to be great. It literally had me on the edge of my seat!

The main character is Jinx Marshall. She’s like any other typical teenager and enjoys her junk food and playing video games after school. What makes her different is that she’s the daughter of a genius: her father who is a survivalist and has spent years preparing her for doomsday.

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Book Review: Gated by J.D. Ventura #BookReview #Suspense #Thriller #Gated


By J.D. Ventura


My thoughts:

After Claire’s husband Sam is diagnosed with an early form of dementia, he’s convinced they need to move out of D.C. for a slower, more comfortable lifestyle. Claire isn’t sure what life will be like in West Virginia and feels quite negative about it, but she tries to remain optimistic because she loves Sam. She knows in her heart this is something they likely both need with his new diagnosis.

Everything is mysterious with this new ‘gated’ neighborhood, from the McMansions throughout, to the people that live within them. Claire begins to notice odd things about the neighbors and witnesses some downright scary events. As time moves forward she discovers that Sam has secrets about a special project he’s been working on, which leaves her seeking the truth in a world where there’s no telling who she can trust.

This book was totally insane, unpredictable, and nothing like what I expected. It was a real page-turner that I nearly read in one sitting. Some scenes had a Twilight Zone feel; I didn’t think I was ever going to figure out what was really happening here.

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Book Review: Last Pen Standing (Stationary Shop Mystery #1) by Vivian Conroy #CozyMystery #Mystery #BookReview

Last Pen Standing

By Vivian Conroy


My review:

Delta has been gifted a sum of money from her grandmother and what better way to spend it than following her dreams to finally own a stationary shop. After teaming up with her friend Hazel at her shop, Wanted, in Tundish, Montana, Delta couldn’t be happier. Together they plan a crafting workshop at a local hotel, and on the night of the big event, one of the guests is murdered on the premises.

This murder becomes a mystery. Who would do this? Was there a brawl? An affair? There are multiple suspects in question, but authorities have no idea who the real perpetrator is. Delta becomes a detective along with others including the Paper Posse and an adorable canine to help solve the case.

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Book Review: Lily’s House by Cassandra Parkin #BookReview #Fiction #LilysHouse

Lily’s House

by Cassandra Parkin



My review:

Jen receives news that her grandmother Lily has passed away. Because everything has been left to her, she travels back to her grandmother’s house along with her daughter Marianne with plans to get the estate in order. Even though Jen hasn’t seen Lily in years, all the memories come flooding in the moment she gets to Lily’s house.

Here is the subtle change in scent that comes at the top of the stairs, a slight difference in the air as the sea takes over from the garden. Here is the sage-green strip of carpet that runs down the centre of the boards to her front door. Here is the key with the loop of plaited string that surely, surely cannot be the one I made for her, decades ago. Here we are, myself and Marianne, going in through Lily’s front door. My dreams have never taken me this far, and Marianne is no longer a solemn scrap who trots sturdily beside me like a curly little lamb. My girlhood’s over. My daughter’s tall. I’m really here. This is now.

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