FREE EBOOK! A World Without Color: A True Story Of the Last Three Days With My Cat by Bernard Jan

You can get a free eBook copy of Bernard Jan’s A World Without Color: A True Story Of the Last Three Days With My Cat now through Sunday, March 25, 2018, 11:59 PM PDT

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Enter to Win a copy of N.N. Light’s Book of Daily Inspiration – Ends tonight!

This is your last chance to enter to win a free eBook copy of N.N. Light’s Book of Daily Inspiration which ends in 6 hours! Just a click away from an entire year of inspiration!

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Enter to win by clicking on the image to be redirected!

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Unhinged by Logan Keys – UPDATED & Free Through 6/27!



After discovering Logan Keys on Goodreads a while back and reading Barkley Five-Oh, I couldn’t wait to read more of her books. I saw Unhinged and after viewing the blurb and cover, I had to read it. I noticed it wasn’t available on Amazon any longer and nowhere to be found. I began to beg the author for it and I’m so glad I did. Now it’s been updated with more stories and it’s free through 6/27! You can read my original review and some information about Logan Keys below…



My review

Unhinged by Logan Keys is a collection of four short horror stories. From the moment I read about this book and saw the cover, I had to read it! Now it’s updated with four more new stories and a 17 chapter peek into The Last City, Logan Key’s Zombie Dystopian Novel. I enjoyed them all.tumblr_inline_msu8f7HXuu1qz4rgp.png

My favorite remains the very first story titled “Snowed.” As I continued reading on and got to “The Last Rainbow” I felt like I was reading The Butterfly Garden all over again. It was weird! I was thoroughly captured with the writing style and nothing about these stories is predictable so you have no clue what’s around the corner.

I had a small issue with one of the stories, but hey, that’s what horror’s all about and exactly what I asked for when I basically begged the author for this book!

If you’re a horror fan, go grab this on Amazon now.


I’d like to thank the author for putting this back up for grabs. This is my second read by Logan Keys, and I’m thirsting for more…



UPDATE: Unhinged has now been updated with NEW stories! I just finished reading the 4 extra stories that were added plus about 17 chapters of The Last City. Get your copy HERE FOR FREE.

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Some Free Kindle Books Today!

Here are ten FREE kindle books on Amazon right now.


The first one I’ll mention is the one I started reading today by author Luke Narlee! You can click the cover to pick this up on Amazon!

The Appointment: Lost & Found (Book 1) : Volume 1


Author Luke P. Narlee returns with another wild and unpredictable tale about the human condition. Only this time, there’s an entire country at stake.

Depression has swept across the nation since the initiation of the Lockdown. The public has been systematically deprived of anything that brings them entertainment, or allows them to express emotion.

When an utterly hopeless Jacob Johansen receives an invitation to attend a mysterious appointment at an anonymous facility, he agrees, considering he has nothing to lose. He takes this opportunity to peel himself away from the drab repetition of the day-to-day routine he’s come to know and reignite a sense of purpose in his life.

Jacob agrees to go forward with a series of tests in which he is immersed in a dream realm that reminds him of the man he was and shows him the potential of the man he could become.

As Jacob engages in his own self-exploration, he is met with the sober realization that his own actions, decisions or avoidances could have a ripple effect, deeper than any dreamer could have fathomed.

From the acclaimed author of Guest Bed comes book one of an epic new series filled with dreams, parallel universes, artificial intelligence, angels, virtual reality, soul mates, and much more…

Here are a few more I found. You can click the covers to find them on Amazon.







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Friday’s Cheap or FREE eBooks!

Hey everyone.  I thought I’d announce some FREE or cheap eBooks today. These are all on Amazon and highly rated 4**** or more. Maybe there are a few you’d like? Most of these are free. Only a few are .99 cents!

Just click the cover you’re interested in…

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