Music Monday: Pink Floyd “On The Turning Away” #Music #Musicmonday #PinkFloyd #Ukraine

Yesterday, I read a poll indicating that only 52% of Americans are following news closely on the war in Ukraine. It’s interesting because I’m reminded once again of how Americans always seem to be split down the middle with everything.

I’m not getting into a long, ranting post about my thoughts on this war in Ukraine. Instead, here’s a song I’ve shared in the past. Recently, someone put together a new video for it on YouTube. This video shares images of the war in Ukraine. *viewer discretion*

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Music Monday: Bruce Hornsby and the Range “The Show Goes On” #Music #Musicmonday #BruceHornsby #TheShowGoesOn #backdraft

I’ve been a huge Bruce Hornsby fan since I was an aspiring piano player as a young child. His songs always have so much to say. This particular song has multiple meanings to different people, but Bruce Hornsby has explained that it’s about a girl who uses bad judgement. She makes bad decisions and falls for guys who are no good and just use her.

This song makes me think about my dad. Years ago, when Nascar driver Dale Earnhardt passed away, I put together a slideshow movie for my dad with all sorts of pictures and video of Dale. I used “The Show Goes On” because it just fit and the lyrics made sense. When my dad watched it, he just cried and cried. I had no idea it would affect him that greatly.

This song was also included in the original soundtrack for one of my favorite movies, Backdraft, 1991.

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Music Monday: Nathaniel Rateliff “Time Stands” #Music #Musicmonday #NathanielRateliff #AndItsStillAlright

Here’s another song from And It’s Still Alright by Nathaniel Rateliff. I just shared a song from this album two weeks ago, and here we are again. Just so I can attest to how awesome this album is, I’m sharing “Time Stands,” which is ultimately a song about division and change. The music video provides a view of the world during the Covid-19 pandemic and quarantine.

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March Wrap-up 2022 – Five-Year Anniversary! #books #bookreviews #music

Hi, friends! Hopefully, you’ve had an excellent weekend. I wanted to post a quick wrap-up for March and announce that this blog (readrantrockandroll) hit its fifth anniversary! It’s hard to believe that it’s been five years. Over that time, I’ve come close to quitting, but it looks like I’m not going anywhere. I can’t get enough of you guys. ❤ The idea to switch to Instagram was not a good one. It won’t work for me, so I’ll be staying here in the book blogiverse indefinitely because it seems like the best place for me.

Unfortunately, in March, we lost our 14-year-old cat, Rambo. His brother passed last fall, and we had a feeling Rambo might not make it through the winter. Rambo was a cat who loved his outdoor life in the country and would never attempt to come in the house unless you had food. He did fine over the coldest months, and in late February, he just started wasting away quickly. Rambo began coming into the house, and we knew there wasn’t much time left. He stayed in the house with us for four days until he passed away. I was with him every minute, and either my son or I slept in the dining room so he wouldn’t be alone. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to go through. It’s not like we haven’t lost pets in the past, but Rambo was my best bud. Rambo was our escort because he and his brother, Ishmael, would be with you the moment you walked out the door, and Rambo specifically would stay with you until you went back in. It’s like a ghost town outside without them. It’ll take some getting used to this summer without them in the greenhouse and the gardens with us. I contemplated sharing a post about Rambo because he has such a neat story, but I don’t want to bring depression to anyone. We’ve all been dealing with a hefty amount of that over the past few years.

March was a decent month for reading. I managed to post five regular book reviews, not including Shabby Sundays. None of these were ARCs, even though there are a few on my backlist. 🤭

It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover

Reminders of Him by Colleen Hoover

The Babysitter by Liza Rodman and Jennifer Jordan

Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson

The Wish by Nicholas Sparks

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