Music Monday: Danny Gokey “Haven’t Seen it Yet” #MusicMonday #Hope #Music

Music Monday-

This meme was created by Drew @ The Tattooed Book Geek. You pick a song that you really like and share it on Monday.

Last time I shared:

Tesla “What You Give”

Today’s share:

Danny Gokey “Haven’t  Seen It Yet”

I’ve spoken with at least three people in the last week that mean a lot to me who are dealing with multiple struggles. One is a close friend who doesn’t deal with stress well and has dealt with a boatload of bad luck over the past two years. It’s very hard for him to see anything positive right now and I know exactly what that feels like. I’ve had personal struggles this year including issues with my own health and often wonder about my future. This song brings me hope and inspires me to maintain strong faith no matter how hard life gets.

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The Burning Within by RaNelle Wallace & Curtis Taylor #UltimateReadingChallenge #Bookreview

The Burning Within

by Ranelle Wallace & Curtis Taylor


From Goodreads:

True story of a couple returning home after an unsuccessful vacation to revive their marriage, their plane crash, their rescue, survival, recovery, and coping with life after severe burns and disfiguration. Adding to this tragedy was a woman’s disregard for the warnings and strong premonitions of what was to come. That burning within all of us. Also a very compelling near death experience and confirmation of life after death beliefs that people of every religion can relate to.

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